YAB PhD Programme

Aim of the Programme

To educate academicians and specialist architects who are able to integrate the knowledge and experience of the concentration areas such as design of load-bearing system, design of building materials and components, design of built environment and building service systems such as sanitary, HVAC, fire, acoustical systems etc. and design of building elements. In this context, Construction Sciences PhD Programme expects from its graduates to have depth knowledge aimed at finding solutions to structural problems in architectural design and applications at different scales; to reach current knowledge by researching national and international level; to renew themselves by evaluating and interpreting with the aspects of scientific, technological, philosophical developments; to solve the problems by the help of professional researches and approaches; to be creative, sensitive to environmental aspects; to know modern technology and to apply their professions individually and in group works.

Research Areas

  • Energy Efficient Building Design, Management of Climate and Lighting Energy
  • HVAC Systems in Buildings
  • Room Acoustics, Noise Control in Buildings
  • Heat, Sound, Water Insulation in Buildings
  • Fire Control in Buildings
  • Design of Structural Systems
  • Sustainable Building Elements Design
  • Building Materials