About MTS Graduate Program

This is a graduate program under the Department of Architecture, provides training in master and doctorate level. 

What to achieve?

To motivate students to develop their creative thinking, critical thinking; to develop an awareness in grasping inquires in architectural theory and praxis, to be able to criticize the reality of architectural design issues and research using both qualitative and quantitative methods; to develop formation of an architect having skills of  thinking and researching in dept by integrating art and science , technology and humanity as an architectural design.

Who can apply?

Interior Architects
Landscape architects
Urban designers and regional planners
Industrial product designers
Civil engineers (scientific preparation)
Other engineers graduated from ITU (scientific preparation)

Research Areas

  • Architectural Theories, Design Theories, Approaches to Architecture
  • Aesthetic Approaches, Perception, Image, Meaning and Identity
  • Environment and Behavior Theories, Evaluation of Quality and Environmental Issues
  • Humanities and Architecture in Psychological Content
  • Urban environment in Architecture, Sustainability, Ecology
  • New Buildings in a Historical Environment: Issues on Continuity and Change
  • Architectural Design Education
  • Relationship between Technology and Architecture
  • Possibilities of Communication Technologies in Architectural Design