CKY Environmental Control and Construction Technology

What to achive?

The students in this programme learn the skill and knowledge of heat, light, noise, fire safety, energy control, sustainability and quality, alternative energy sources, room acoustics, building design and methods from settlement to building element and material scale, utilizing building materials as type and form and using related simulation techniques.

Who can apply?

· Architecture

· Interior Architecture

· Urban and Regional Planning

· Landscape Architecture

· Industrial Product Design

· Civil Engineering

· Mechanical Engineering

· Electrical-Electronical Engineering

· Physics Engineering

· Computer Engineering

Required Ales: 60
Required GRE: 700

Required GPA: 3


Research Areas

· Studies Related with Adopting Sustainability to Building and its Environment

· Studies of Energy Efficiency and Developing Strategies related with Sustainability

· Researches in Topics of Intelligent Buildings, Climate and Lighting Energy Management

· Subjects related with Fire Safety

· Studies related with Environmental Noise Control

· Studies related with Sound Insulation Properties of Building Elements

· Room Acoustics and Studies related with Sound Absorption of Materials