“Project and Construction Management”, or its common name “Construction Projects Management”, is an independent profession and activity which performed in the construction industry nearly for sixty years all over the world. Project and Construction Management is a generally accepted area not only in construction practice, but also in the graduate programs. There are large numbers of undergraduate, master degree and PhD. programs where this profession is educated over the world.

In Turkey, this education field firstly took place in the courses of Department of Architecture in ITU Faculty of Architecture and has been continuing its existence for 43 years since 1975. Prof. Tulu Baytın, who is a retired professor of ITU Faculty of Architecture, was awarded by TUBITAK in 2000 with his contributions to the field by introducing Project and Construction Management field to the structure of education programs and being a pioneer to establish a Master of Science degree program.

Project and Construction Management Master and Ph.D. Programs, within the Graduate School of Science, Engineering and Technology of ITU is conducted by the group of instructors consisting of 4 Professors, 5 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professor and 1 Instructor. There are many students within Project and Construction Management Master and Ph.D. Programs, who graduated from various universities and disciplines especially from Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Science Engineering and Technology and Institution of Informatics. In addition to this, the Program also has a number of students from other universities as well as participants with a certain professional experience after graduation, who want to enrich the knowledge and skills in the field by education themselves. 

Mission of Project and Construction Management Master and Ph.D. Programs: To prepare the students for the long-term “Project and Construction Management” career in constantly changing technical and managerial environment of the construction industry. Students, who successfully completed the Master and/or Ph.D. program by choosing the Project and Construction Management career area will be prepared for further research and studies in the field of Project and Construction Management in order to start working professionally.

Vision of Project and Construction Management Master and Ph.D. Programs: Maintaining its leadership in research and training in Project and Construction Management subject area in Turkey as well as training tomorrow’s leaders in the construction sector and construction professionals with high-level management and technical expertise who understand the European and international construction industry.

Research Areas

  • Construction Projects Management
  • Management and Organization
  • Organizational Behavior, Human Resources and Culture
  • Construction Economics
  • Construction Bidding and Contract Documents
  • Contract Administration
  • International Construction Projects Management
  • Construction Firms Management
  • Construction Site Management
  • Cost/Time/Quality Management
  • Information Technologies and Applications in Construction Project Management
  • Construction Technical Specifications and Computer-Aided Architectural Design & Drawing Standards
  • Building Information Modeling – BIM
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • Strategic Management and Competitiveness
  • Marketing in the Construction Industry
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Design and Construction Law
  • Sustainability in Construction Projects
  • Risk Management in Construction Projects