RST Graduate Program

Graduates from the masters programme may work in the management of cultural heritage, development of inventories, surveys, reconstitution and restoration projects and urban conservation and revitalization projects, reuse of industrial buildings and design of new buildings in historic areas, while graduates with doctoral degrees may work in the management of conservation areas, developing strategies for cultural heritage protection and lead advanced researches into historic structures and materials.

Research Areas

  • Conservation and Rehabilitation of Historic Sites
  • Conservation, Restoration and re-use of Cultural Property
  • Preservation and Presentation of Archaeological Sites
  • Industrial Archaeology
  • Conservation and Restoration of 20th Century Architecture
  • Characterization, Deterioration and Conservation / Consolidation of Historic Building Materials Architectural and Archaeological Survey Methods
  • Effects of Earthquakes on Historic Structures, Earthquake Protection
  • Period archives for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Property
  • Characterization of historic building materials (mortar, plaster, natural stone, etc.)
  • On site observations concerning the condition of the materials, analysis on samples taken from the structure, and determination of problems
  • Designation of materials and methods to be used during restoration and conservation